18 June 2018


Hi, I would first of all like to thank you for visiting my website. Philately is not just about stamp collecting (but much more than that) and in this site I hope you find something of interest and, I hope, of use. Are you a beginner in stamp collecting? This helps.
Use of this site is intended for collectors wishing to make contacts and exchange philatelic material with other collectors all over the world. Express your desires clearly and simply, and send your free advertisement to:
Roberto Bortolotto, Casella Postale Aperta, Ufficio Postale Centrale, 35043 Monselice Pd, Italy.
There's a message in every postage stamp ..!
As you can imagine, I do love postage stamps and the feelings they awaken in many people. The surprising diversity of subjects, the use of colour, or the design. I continue to be amazed by how can fit so much beauty into such a small place. I can only applaud the fact that there are still people who tale the time in our busy age to wonder at this and to collect postage stamps. Because you can say so much with something small. Because however small, there's a message in every postage stamp.
What is stamp collecting ..?
Collecting stamps is a hobby for people of all ages who are interested in history, geography, art and world cultures. Stamps have been issued from postal services worldwide since 1840. Stamp collecting is one of the world's most popular hobbies.
Why collect stamps ..?
Stamp collecting is fun. It is a hobby that both young and old can do and enjoy. The stamp hobby can be enjoyed on any budget (or no budget at all). Collecting stamps keeps your mind active and inquisitive, increases your knowledge of places and events, and offers social opportunities.
The first postage stamp:
Below, the Penny Black was voted the worlds favourite stamp by collectors. The famous postage stamp has been issued on May 6, 1840, in Great Britain. The Penny Black is non a rare stamp since 286,700 sheets were printed comprising 240 stamps each, for a total of 68,808,000 stamps. An estimated 1.5 million Penny Blacks still exist. The Penny Black was replaced by the Penny Red because the black cancel was hard to see. Great Britain is the only country to not place the name on it.
Did you know ..?
IRC means International Reply Coupon (below, a sample). The coupons are available in most Post Offices except for a few countries. An IRC is exchangeable in any country of the Universal Postal Union for one or more postage stamps representing the minimum postage for an unregistered letter sent by air or priority to a foreign country.
People to People:
Here below your advertisement for free. Please try to send out a letter or note to all who write to you. If you can't or don't wish to write to someone, please send them a note to say such, so they don't wait for your letters. Be courteous. The Webmaster reserves the right to decline any advertisement without any reason or explanation. Whilst it is distinctly understood that the Webmaster cannot accept any responsibility as to the good faith of advertisers.
Italy (Roberto Bortolotto, Casella Postale, 35043 Monselice): Wanted used postage stamps for philately promotion to kids (stamp collecting offers a world of interest). All kinds, on paper, in duplicates, are welcome. This is a permanent appeal. Ask gift-offer:  roberto88264@yahoo.it
Pakistan (Imran Khalid, Lahore): I'm a scout leader and collecting stamps/FDC etc on "scouting" from all around the world. Please, anyone can help me in this regard. In return I can offer mint/used stamps from Pakistan:  imranzaaday@hotmail.com  (November 2014)
Andorra (Michel Brillet, Sant Julia de Loria): Offering philatelic covers from my country Andorra. Looking for special philatelic covers from your country (my topics). Please write first:  michaelbrill75@hotmail.com  (November 2014)
Switzerland (Fabrizio Zamuner): Looking for philatelic items worldwide on Rock Paintings. Offering the same and other topics from worldwide (especially used stamps). No catalogue exchange, no scans:  fabrizio.zamuner@bluewin.ch  (November 2014)
France (Hacene Mohamed, Ajaccio): Send me 70 or 100 (or plus) commemorative stamps of Italy, Vatican (2009-2014) for same of France. Other countries welcome. Please write first:  ronan33@outlook.fr  (November 2014)
United States (Arlene Duvall, California): I am interested in snail mail pals and postcard exchange with friends over 40 (male or female) in Europe, Asia, USA:  arlened530@gmail.com  (November 2014)
Peru (Cesar Perez Dioses): I'm a high school teacher (53 years old), and I want to exchange stamps, covers, FDCs, postmarks. I will answer all letters:  cheche_dx@hotmail.com  (February 2015)
India (C.S.Balasubramanianan): I'm an Indian citizen (62 years old), and I'm interested to swap philatelic & numismatic items with friends worldwide. Please write for details:  csmanian59@yahoo.com  (August 2015)
Algeria (Ouandjli Hocine): Exchange mint stamps, FDC, special postmarks, on flora, fauna, art, sport, trains, ships, space, lighthouses. Ask details:  alphic76@gmail.com  (March 2018)
Bangladesh (Mohammad Abdullah Sabbir, Dhaka): Want to exchange stamps and banknotes with friends worldwide. Please write:  mdabdullahsabbir@gmail.com  (October 2018)
Czech Republic (Ladislav Fiala): I collect postal envelopes with sports stamps, preferably Olympic (but not FDC). I can send Czech items, so please write for details:  laka.fiala@gmail.com  (November 2018)
Portugal (M├ário Bruges Ramos): I collect philatelic postcards of sports, olympics, chess, scouting, mountains, children games. I can exchange with you:  marbruge@hotmail.com  (April 2020)
Brazil (Ronaldo Bastos Reis): I live in Natal City and collect stamps, postcards, envelopes about the Fire Department. In case of interest please write me:  ronyps7ab@gmail.com  (March 2021)

Suggestions to stamp collecting:
How do you start collecting postage stamps..? Where to get used stamps from..? It's easy. You can save the stamps from the envelopes & postcards that comes to your place. You can ask your friends and relatives to save the stamps from their mail for you. At work ask someone who sorts the incoming mail to save the stamps from the letters for you. If you work in a big company and they just throw away there letters this will be a huge stamp income for you. Stamps could be left on the envelope and cut off leaving about two cm of paper surrounding the stamp, to prevent damage. Trim the excess from around the stamp, but be careful not to cut the stamp. Never pull the stamps from the paper.

Postage stamps are art & culture ..! Why should young people care about stamps..? Education, adventure, fun, passion, etc..

What is postal stationery ..?
Postcards, envelopes, aerogrammes, all prepaid with imprinted postage. Unused items should be as fresh as possible, and used items should bear cancellations which are reasonably legible. Postal stationery has become just as specialized as postage stamps. Collectors, in increasing numbers, go for certain countries, topics or specialties. Below, some attractive samples.
Australia 2012 Christmas aerogramme:
Vatican City 2012 aerogramme (Saint Girolamo Miani):
Burma (now Myanmar) aerogramme posted on September 1949:
Italy military postcard posted on October 1918 (northern Russia, no postage required):

Philatelic publications for free and for stamp enthusiasts. Get more philatelic news, knowledge, and opportunities than available anywhere else. Its usually feature articles about the newest stamps, as well as other news and information. Below, some samples from different countries (write and ask a free subscription).
Jersey (Channel Islands, via Great Britain): "Jersey Stamp Bulletin" with information about new stamp issues is published four times a year:  stamps@jerseypost.com  www.jerseystamps.com
Australia: The "Stamp Bulletin" is a full colour magazine packed with information about new Australian stamps and about stamp collecting. Six editions each year will keep you up to date with the world of stamps:  mailorder@auspost.com.au  www.auspost.com.au/stamps
Ireland: "The Collector" magazine is issued four times a year:  www.irishstamps.ie
Guernsey (Channel Islands, via Great Britain): The "Guernsey Stamps & Collectable Bulletin" is printed three or four times a year:  philatelic@guernseypost.com  www.guernseystamps.com
Singapore: "Miniature World" is a quarterly philatelic bulletin:  sinstamp@singpost.com  www.singpost.com
Greenland (via Denmark): "Greenland Collector". The magazine for collectors of Greenland stamps is issued three times a year:  stamps@tele.gl  www.stamps.gl
United Nations (Europe): The journal "Fascination" is issued by the United Nations Postal Administration four times a year (in four different languages). Printed in full colour, it provides collectors and philatelists with all relevant information about new stamp issues and other philatelic products of UNPA (United Nations Postal Administration):  UNPA-Europe@unvienna.org  www.unstamps.org

Please consider: Interested in FDCs (first day covers) and prepaid postal stationery items (with imprinted postage)..? If you are looking for anything, any topical or country, let me know, I will make sure to let you know what else I have. Roberto (owner & admin)

The Webmaster Roberto warmly recommends:
InterAsia Auctions Limited, Hong Kong (the market leader in Asian philately). Stamps and postal history: China and other Asia countries. Twice a year public auctions in Hong Kong, the centre of Asian philately.   info@interasia-auctions.com www.interasia-auctions.com 


London 2020 International Stamp Exhibition: 2 to 9 May 2020 (re-scheduled to 2022). www.london2020.co

Christoph Gaertner is the head of the successful German auction firm that bears his name. I have been an enthusiastic collector since I was 9 years old and that has remained the case to this day. I decided at an early age to turn my passion for philately into a profession, and in the meantime it has become more than 30 years of entrepreneurship. In 2005 I founded my international auction house and established a philatelic centre. Together with my team of almost 50 people, I look forward to facing the challengers of the future. I would like to thank you very much for your loyalty. Stamps will always be collected and dealt, and I believe in stamps (by Auctioneer Christoph Gaertner). 74321 Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany.
info@auktionen-gaertner.de   www.auktionen-gaertner.de

Chinese philatelist joins C.G. expert team. My name is Wenyi Zhang, your new contact at Gaertner. I had a curious mind when I was a teenager. Through postcards and letters, I was fascinated by the outside world. When I moved from China to London for my studies, such fascination turned into my great interest in philately. After I finished my degree in law and politics, I decided to make this passion a career. I worked as a dealer, and later as a philatelist, became member of various study circles for Chinese and Japanese postal history. Since 2019, after more than two years working as an auctioneer, I am very happy to start my role here at Gaertner. I am both a philatelist for East Asian postal history and a specialist serving the Chinese-speaking communities. If you have any enquiries related to East Asian philately, or have a question and would like to be replied in english or mandarin, please do not hesitate to contact me via:  w.zhang@auktionen-gaertner.de

Eastern Auctions Limited (Gary J. Lyon, president and founder, stamp collector since the age of 5). Canada's largest stamp auction firm. The public auctions specialize in Canada, Newfoundland and the Provinces, but also United States, and British Commonwealth. Since 1980 we have steadily build a reputation for outstanding realizations. Take advantage of our friendly and professional service. With mail auction catalogue is added The Gary's Notebook (an information sheet about stamps and postal history). Bathurst, New Brunswick E2A 3Z2, Canada.  easternauctions@nb.aibn.com      www.easternauctions.com

Hong Kong's oldest Philatelic Auction House (Auctions since 1977). Thinking of selling your China, Hong Kong or Far East collection..? Consign now..! Upcoming auction in December 2021. Sell your stamps where your stamps sell best..! John Bull Stamp Auctions Limited, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. Tel: 852-2890 5767  info@jbull.com  www.jbull.com 

Auckland City Stamps, New Zealand (Est. 1974): Dealers in fine stamps of the world, Specialists in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, we are always looking to purchase stamps and Postal History, with particular interest in Pre 1950 Material. We will travel anywhere in the world to view suitable material. We are pleased to welcome our 41st Edition of our popular New Zealand Stamp Colour Catalogue (1855 to 2018). Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries regarding New Zealand stamps, we are only to happy to assist where we can. Auckland City Stamps are specialists in Postal History and carry a large stock for both direct sale and through our regular Public and Postal Auctions:  hello@aucklandcitystamps.co.nz  www.aucklandcitystamps.co.nz

Stamp News Australasia: The Southern Hemisphere's only stamp monthly (established 1930). Please contact for a delivered copy. Published monthly by: Kevin Morgan, Upwey, Victoria 3158, Australia:  kevinmorgan2@live.com  www.stampnews.net.au
Universal Philatelic Auctions, United Kingdom (Est. 1958): Most Collectors and Dealers who bid with UPA become long-term repeat clients. Our aim is to serve you for as long as you collect stamps. Join over 2,000 regular bidders. Ask for free "Tips of The Trade" (Your Expert Guide to Stamp Collecting):  info@upastampauctions.co.uk  www.upastampauctions.co.uk

Andrew McGavin, Managing Director, Universal Philatelic Auctions: My intention is that you will benefit from my 45 years as a philatelist and 41 years full-time as a professional stamp dealer. Here below, Andrew Promoting Philately on UK National ITV (Commercial TV Network in the United Kingdom):
Wonderful to see so many young people enjoying this great hobby ..!
Stamp Paradise: The Philatelic Reference. Stamp Paradise is a new and real philatelic service promoting postage stamp collecting sites in sections like: stamp collectors by language, philatelic collectors by continent, stamp dealers and stamp experts. Stamp Paradise is a non commercial philatelic site. Stamp Paradise site offers a real service to stamp collectors giving to philately a reliable tool:  www.stamp-paradise.com
The No.1 Stamp Exchange Site with daily updates..! The place to be if you want to exchange/swap stamps with other collectors worldwide. Feel free to join The Club and get in contact with stamp collectors around the globe:  www.tradeonlystamps.com
One of the best philatelic guide and postage stamp directory for stamp collecting hobbyist and collectors:  www.2-clicks-stamps.com
Complete online stamp catalogue worldwide (750,000+ stamps). StampWorld.com is a global development made by people from all over the world. The original idea was developed by a small group of stamp collectors. The results of years of work are now finally online and available to you. StampWorld.com is a place for philatelists and stamp collectors to meet. The intention with StampWorld.com is to make stamp collecting easier:  www.stampworld.com

IPDA (Internet Philatelic Dealers Association), Established 2002: stamp dealers on the web you can trust. When buying stamps on the internet always check the seller's credentials and look for the IPDA logo. If you're selling stamps on the internet, there's no time like right now to join the IPDA:  www.ipdastamps.com 

What is Kolektado..? Translated from esperanto to english Kolektado means collection (collecting). Social network for collectors: stamps, coins, banknotes, postcards, etc.. Hobby brings you a double pleasure when you are among the people with the same interests:  www.kolektado.com

What is a Meter ..? A meter stamp, or meter mark, is the impression made by a postage meter machine that indicates that postage has been paid on a letter or parcel. Meter stamps are widely used by businesses and organisations as they are more efficient than using postage stamps. Meter stamps are not adhesive postage stamps in the normal sense, although they may be printed on adhesive labels before being applied to mail. Meter stamps are normally in red, although a variety of colours are found.
About famous stamp collectors ..!
President Roosevelt was called the "Philatelic President". During his presidency (in USA) from 1933 to 1945 he promoted stamp collecting in many ways (here below).

Tribute to Max Stern (Australia):
Few people in the stamp world are better known than Max Stern, who died on 11 February 2016 in Melbourne (Australia), aged 94.
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Note by Roberto Bortolotto (owner & admin): The present online version, is the same of my paper or printed copy issued in the past, as Philatelic Bulletin (during 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978). The objective of The Italian Philatelic Bulletin is to promote philately, to develop mutual relations and philatelic culture, to maintain cooperation among philatelists throughout the world. The place to be for stamp lovers. Don't forget, old stamps on an original envelope or postcard (known as Postal History) can be worth many times the value of the used stamp price.
Some great gift ideas for travelers ..! Did you know..? Italy experience: Veneto region abounds in a number of fascinating places, as Monselice, a little known gem, just south of Padova. When in my area ask a free guided tour, and practice italian language for free. Here below some landscapes about Monselice. Enjoy, and you are welcome..! Roberto Bortolotto (roberto88264@yahoo.it) More images at  www.fluidr.com/photos/137443964@N04/ 

About me: Hi, greetings, and welcome to my page. Let me introduce about myself. My name is Roberto Bortolotto, and I live in Monselice, just south of Padova, Italy north-east. Arts and entertainment are my passion and I especially love tourism, philately & postal history, movies, museums, music, photography. I can help with whatever you need regarding my area, as public transportation, language, accomodation, lowest cost, etc.. Learn italian..! In Italy, with a local italian, and for free. Thanks for reading and be sure to take advantage of my free service. More on my Facebook profile, at https://www.facebook.com/roberto.bortolotto.88264
Attenzione: Prego i residenti in Italia di visitare il mio sito con l'offerta di libri gratis  www.francobollicerco.blogspot.com

Below, Michelangelo art on 1961 italian postage stamp (as image on my profile):